We’re Back

Hello Everyone,

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for your love and support. I felt each and every one of you with me.

For the first time since the surgery I am able to sit up at the computer for a short while. I wanted to ensure that my first post was sent out as soon as it was possible for me.

Considering what has occurred I am doing as well as possible. I have a homecare nurse that comes each day to attend to my wound care. They are also going to send me an ET nurse (specialist who works with stomas).

I’m still on morphine and another pain killer and for the most part the pain management is working. So, if some of this posting doesn’t make sense, I can blame it on the meds.

Percy underwent major work, he was also re-seated. This has caused a great deal of trauma for him. He’s still swollen, flush with fever and he is not online yet. By this I mean the poor little fella has been unable to produce any poop for 9 days now. This is starting to be a bit rough on us, but with stool softeners we do hope that Percy will wake up soon. I think he’s simply tramatized by the whole situation.

Unfortunately, I have had to endure a number of complications that will be cleared up soon. I ended up with a bladder infection, and infection in the wound while in hospital. I was put on antibiotics and as a result of the medication I am now enjoying a full blown case of thrush. I do hope that all of this will calm down within the next few days.

My spirits are high, I’m not a Ms. Grumpy Pants yet, hope I can keep this up. The body is another story entirely, I am waiting for the days where I can say, “Hmm…I’m feeling better with each passing day”.

I do hope you appreciated Mark’s (Hubby) efforts to keep you as up to date as possible. After spending full days in hospital with me, dealing with all the things an advocate must deal with, he then would come home and write the updates.

Once again thank you everyone. I will do my best to send an update post as often as is possible for me. Percy & I miss you all.

Jo-Ann L. Tremblay

“Every one you meet has a story to tell”

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