The healing journey is an interesting dance. It’s a one step at a time forward, with a leap or a bound thrown in for good measure. Then there’s the sideways stomp and the occasional backslide. Yet, progress is made in this freestyle dance.

Percy has had a challenging time of it. We underwent surgery March 19th  and it wasn’t till March 29th, that Percy started to wake up. Poor little stoma was traumatized from the procedures, he had simply shut down. Little Percy pooper was pooped out. He has since slowly but surely woken up and is returning to a healthy pungent self, and is once again starting to immerse himself in his liquidation business. What a trooper.


I continue to make the necessary healing strides with the help of my caregiver and husband Mark, my Health Care Nurse, and my cheerleader friends and family. Thanks for joining in the dance with me everyone.


I’m still on a cocktail of pain management drugs that make my brain wonky, 2 forms of antibiotics, and few more prescriptions thrown in. Mentioning pain management drugs, Percy is looking forward to posting the next blog, not sure what he’ll come up with, but I’m expecting that I’ll be at the butt end of his potty humour.


The 24 hours leading up to Wednesday April 3rd were quite tense for me. That was the date 21 of my total 31 surgical staples were scheduled to be removed. Now, I’m not normally a nervous nellie, but in my rather more distant past when surgical stitches were removed the whole incision opened up and came fully apart. A traumatic experience to say the least.


And so, the night of April 2nd the words, “Thar She Blows”, screamed throughout a dream filled night. I woke up in the morning with it still on my mind as I awaited for my Health Care Nurse to arrive. I had informed her of my concerns the day before, and so, when she arrived she was aware and considerate. She settled into her task and one by one removed the staples. I’m glad to say, it all went well, the incision did not open up, and there was no, “Thar She Blows”. I am relieved this stage of the healing journey is behind me, and I’m looking forward to the day when I’m well enough to dream, “Thar She goes”.


Jo-Ann L. Tremblay




“Everyone you meet has a story to tell”



2 comments on ““THAR SHE BLOWS”

  1. Norma says:

    I will never use a stapler again, without thinking about you and all you have gone through.

    I admit that I would have been a tad more than a little nervous, when staple removal can mean “Thar She blows!, rather than just one more step toward recovery.

    Poor Percy; I am sure he wants to be up there with the 100% crowd and not just limping toward being at his best.

    Hugs, Norma 🙂

  2. quillfyre says:

    Glad she didn’t blow, kiddo! Interesting, that happened to me after my ostomy surgery. Belly wasn’t ready to give up the staples. I lay there for almost an hour afraid to move before the doctors came to “close” me up again. Fortunately mine was not the whole thing opening, just enough to be scary. (Someone somewhere didn’t know I was diabetic and needed longer to heal!)

    But I am so sorry that your recovery is not straight on till morning, so continuing to send good thoughts your way.

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