Jo-Ann and I continue on our healing journey and every day there seems to be challenges and triumphs. For the past few days Jo-Ann has had difficulty in finding a pain free sleeping position, as she weans down from her pain management medication. This has been rather disconcerting to say the least. Never ones’ to be in a state of frustration for too long, Jo-Ann and I are facing the challenge by reaching into our bag of tricks, and coming up with a resourceful solution.

Ongoing since I was created July 21, 2011, Jo-Ann has from time to time had difficulty staying asleep all night. We’re incontinent, and so, there are nights when I’m active and we have to do our maintenance. No matter what time it is, it’s not always easy to go right back to sleep.

No use tossing, turning, getting frustrated nor fretting, because sometimes we meditate, we pray, we count sheep, and so on. These don’t work every time though, Jo-Ann isn’t always sure when I’m finished my activities. I’ve decided these nights are not so bad really, that’s because Jo-Ann will tell me a bedtime story. She fills her head with images and stretches her imagination. Her stories are usually quite funny, and they have a moral to each of them. In the quiet of the night when everyone is asleep, together we weave the fabric of imagination and walk through the misty night tracks, to arrive at the Runs River in the land of Flange. On some of our visits we dance with Prince Colon. On other nights we join Lady Catheter of Tube, for some titillating conversations.

So if you have one of those nights, you know the one’s where you just have to go with the flow, here’s one of Jo-Ann’s bedtime stories to entertain you, and help you fall asleep.

The Duke Of Flange

Long ago there lived the Duke of Flange, who was responsible for overseeing the Department of Incontinence Difficulties. Every day the Duke would say, “If only we could control the flow of the Runs River”. But for a long time there was no control.

Then came the day of the great Esprit de Corps (group spirit) Festival . The harvest was in and many came from all over to feast and celebrate. As each attempted to cross the Runs River, the raging torrent bubbled and boiled, making the crossing treacherous indeed. To the dismay of the Duke of Flange most were turning back, it was not safe.

The Duke quickly called together the Privy Council to once and for all find a way to control the Runs River. Sir Paper of Toilet, Lady Irritable of Bowel, Prince Colon, Queen Urethra, and King Convexity were the first to arrive, followed by many others. They discussed, considered, and discussed the matter some more, no solutions came to mind.

Then in their darkest moments of dismay, someone quietly entered. “My name is Percy, I am but a humble stoma. We have long awaited our Festival and our invited guests to arrive”, he shouted. “I have the solution”, he proclaimed. Everyone went silent and turned to hear what the humble stoma had to say.

“The Runs River has a mighty flow. This flow reminds us of the nutrients of the land that we need in order to stay healthy and prosperous. There are no blockages. As the River twists through the narrows it provides us with all that is good. Let us not block the movement, let us not stem the flow. Instead, let us wait it out. Have patience, the Runs River does not always flow so wild. After the time of the great torrent, the Runs River always returns to normal. It is then that we will send out the messengers and invite all to join in our Festival, and we will feast as we celebrate”.

Everyone was silent, no sound was made. It was then that the Duke of Flange embraced and encircled Percy the humble stoma and shouted, “Your words are wise. We will wait out the great torrent, and then all will be well. King Convexity and Queen Urethra stepped forward and declared, “From this day forward you will be addressed as and will hold all of the titles of; Percy Stoma – Eol. Of Poopology. Thank you for your great service”. Everyone cheered.

I do hope you enjoyed one of our bedtime story adventures, the moral of this story is; We can’t control everything, but we can take control. We are incontinent that is our challenge. Humour, creativity and some resourcefulness is our victory.

Percy Stoma

Eol. Poopology

Better With A Bag Than In A Bag”

6 comments on “A BEDTIME STORY

  1. Norma says:

    I let hubby read your posting and he could not believe you could come up with something like this, as he said he has trouble writing just a paragraph! I bet he will never take his bowel for granted ever again!

    If mind over matter really does work, you will continue to progress, even though those steps backward must be so painful.

    Percy and you certainly are creative, and you continue to inspire.

    Norma 🙂

  2. P says:

    You have a way Jo-Ann, to turn even a difficult time into something wonderfully creative…great work! Keep well, keep stretching that imagination. Love P

  3. Just too good! Thanks for sharing the story. I love the names of all the characters, so creative, so descriptive. LOL!

  4. Sharyn says:

    Loved reading your blog. You do have a way of smelling the roses while living with the fertilizer.


  5. Ha, thanks everyone for the comments. Percy particularly enjoyed the “smelling the roses while living with the fertilizer”, he can relate. A stoma is often referred to as a “rosebud”, and of course Percy is all about poop.

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