During our recovery Percy (Stoma), has become the star of the show, or, maybe he’s just seeing stars. Let’s step back and find out how this all came about.


Jo-Ann L. Tremblay on Percy

Created in Ottawa on 21 July 2011 Percy started his existence by being a life saver, right from the get go. His first of many public presentations was to the resident ET (Enterostomal Therapy) Nurse, within a few days of creation at hospital. He returned to Orleans, Canada later that month and with an unsnap of his bag he continued to perform presentations for a multitude of audiences that included; community ET Nurses, Home Care Nurses and Doctors, which in his opinion made him an overnight success.

Percy settled down to the life of a stoma; pooping, passing wind, writing and posting blogs, at the same time broadening his activities as a model for custom designed haute pooture underwear that accommodate stomas and their bags, while providing abdominal support.

Percy’s reputation grew steadily, helped by earning an Eol. of Poopology, (Eol. Experience Of Life), given to celebrate Jo-Ann’s recovery from major illness, and a 2nd chance at life.

The 2012s saw continued recovery and the publication of a book based on his life and adventures, for which he also modelled for the oil paining, “Percy A Self-Portrait”, that graces the front cover of, “Better With A Bag Than In A Bag”.

Public presentations followed as he was uplifted by a honey dew mellon sized parastomal hernia, these included nurses, ET Nurses, specialists, and physicians . A 2nd collaboration with his surgeon who originally created him, resulted in major surgery March 2013, a surgery performed with the intent of designing an internal environment conducive for a higher quality of life.

He has now re-united with Home Care Nurses on a daily basis for wound care, visited the hospital emergency for a post surgery concern, and was recently measured and fitted for a customized abdominal hernia belt.

His most ambitious work is yet to come, a full recovery without a parastomal hernia re-occurrence.

Now, I must admit Percy has been enduringly popular as he removes his bag and bares himself without self-consciousness during his private and public medical presentations. He is quite proud of his new more svelte profile, much to my discomfort, embarrassment and desire for privacy.

Most of us feel our dignity is compromised when due to medical issues we are required to expose and share our body and/or life parts that we would much rather keep private. Understandable and normal I feel. Embarrassment aside, no matter the body or life part that is potentially ill, injured, in recovery, or should have regular check ups, it’s important that we indulge in medical presentations and scrutiny.

The jury is still out as to whether Percy is the star of the show, or, he’s just seeing stars. I regard his performances as private and public benefit presentations that are an advantage to both of us to receive from. Next time you have to bare and share part of yourself you would rather not make public (like a colonoscopy for example), just think of it as a command benefit performance from which you will be glad that you attended, even if it struck an emotional chord.

Jo-Ann L. Tremblay


“Everyone You Meet Has A Story To Tell”


  1. P says:

    You are courageous and wise!

  2. Miss P with a Z says:

    …and I admire you for this.

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