Woo hoo, skippy skippy, and a resounding poopalicious cheer from Percy. Thursday May 2, 2013 Percy and I reached a milestone, our Home Care Nurse signed us off. For the past 5 weeks she visited us once a day, then every second day, and finally in the last two weeks every third day, gently tending to our surgery wound care. She arrived with a smile, a big hello, and then settled down to inspect our surgical wound and administer her healing magic. Always the professional with that personal touch.

Now as Percy says, “poopologically speaking we should be ecstatic”, yet, I find myself feeling strangely adrift. I have taken the last couple of days to explore this odd feeling and have realized; when we are vulnerable, injured, in pain, and require expertise beyond ourselves, we place a great deal of confidence in those folks who are there to help us. They are in our lives during our weak time, and we look forward to them being there with us. We trust they have the know how to keep us safe, as they encourage us along our healing journey. They are our cheerleaders encouraging us along the way.

Then, the day comes when we don’t need them anymore. This bond we had established, this healing team that scored so many goals, is now disbanded…….

Of course it’s time to move on, the healing is underway and full recovery is the ultimate goal. As humans we need to live with, for, and by one another. So thank you to all the health care professionals for your healing magic, and for being the best cheerleaders a patient can hope for.

My musings brought me to another member of the healing team. Our personal caregiver, Mark, my husband. I’m so fortunate to have a caregiver, and I encourage everyone to think about helping others in their time of need, if for no other reason than you never know when you may need that shoulder to lean on.

And so, as I reminisce the past few years that included my illness, near death, 2 major surgeries, recovery that has now taken up years of our lives, and through all of it we were together, a team, and we’ve fought the good fight. In celebration of Mark, and for all the caregivers of the world, I have written “Ode To My Caregiver”. Your love, care, concern and commitment, is one of the greatest gifts you will ever give. Thank you.

Ode To My Caregiver

Eyes glazed over and lying on my back,

Through the darkness I gaze up to you;

Conspiring together to keep me on track.

The things you want to affect are mine too,

We blend our roles as the 1000 mile healing journey begins,

Terrified, filled with fear and pain,

Your humanity glowing shines through;

Fighting for my body to take control, and keeping my mind sane,

Cold and dark when we set out, as my body strength dims,

Until I think the decent into the dark will never cease,

I look up to you as our combined strength binds.

Your steady hands and feet are mine,

Through the cloud of pain I gaze up to you;

Hard at work you are, so I may dine,

With gentle smiles you tenderly help me feel rosey blue,

Your humanity glowing shines through.

Strong laden shoulders lift the burdens from me,

Each day my healing journey continues to haste;

Committed to your charge you minister to,

With patience and dedication to set healing more;

At the end of the dying day, how can I your patient but adore,

Wrapped in the warmth of your care I feel safe.

The mood is much brighter as the days pass,

With a swell of joy and admiration I gaze up to you;

So many times through the uncertainty we found ourselves thrash,

Yet, we also found our pace forward steady and true,

Your humanity glowing shines through;

Close bosom-friend of the healing journey,

Joining me in the dance, 2 steps forward, a slide to the side,

Then, 1 step backward, followed by 2 more forward, now let’s hurry;

Always hand in hand dear caregiver we are,

As we look to the end of our journey now not so far,

Thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you.

Jo-Ann L. Tremblay

© 2013 Jo-Ann L. Tremblay

Everyone you meet has a story to tell”


  1. Norma says:

    Beautiful and so well said. Norma

  2. Anna Poulin says:

    Well done. You always had a way with words. Keep up the good work. All the best to you and Mark

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