Better With A Bag Than In A Bag is now available on KOBO

We are pleased to announce that not only is “Better With a Bag Than In a Bag” available with Amazon in paperback and on kindle, in Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Europe and Japan, this compelling tale that speaks to the human spirit, that brought author Jo-Ann L. Tremblay from the brink of death to recovery through humour and inspiration, is now available with KOBO. Check out KOBO at For further information and an additional list of on-line book dealers offering the book, and how you can purchase your very own copy,  just click “Better With a Bag Than In a Bag” at the top of THE OSTOMY FACTOR blog Home Page, above.

The cover of the book is a photograph of an original oil painting of Percy Stoma by artist, author, photographer and ostomate Jo-Ann L. Tremblay  titled, “Percy A Self Portrait”.  Stoma’s are often referred to as a “rose bud”, when you turn the book upside down, Percy’s image turns into a beautiful red rose bud.
Better WITH a Bag Than IN a Bag


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