Jo-Ann & Her Bear Hugs

Bear Crystal CaveAll good stories begin with once upon a time, and so, once upon a time, there was a lady, her name is Jo-Ann.

It came to be that I entered into Jo-Ann’s life in 2011, during a life saving surgery. You see, I’m part of Jo-Ann’s colostomy and since then, I have rocked her world. I’m affectionately known as Percy Stoma, and I fancy myself as her constant companion, I go everywhere she goes.

Stomas will brrt,

and pfft,

and flurppppp,

and thwerrpppp.

(Stomas can make dramatic noises just so everyone knows something is happening down there.)

In the beginning when I first joined her life adventure, our journey was stormy. She did not understand why I had entered her life, nor what I was all about. I was as new to being her stoma, as she was having a colostomy. It took both of us quite awhile to settle in and accept one another.

From the very start, as we anticipated our new life together, we were delighted, filled with promise, and hope. At the same time we were frightened, unsure, and lost.

There were many moments, hours and days, we felt we were standing on a pillar of blood red stone, as gun metal black, indigo and grey clouds, swirled and boiled within us. Bolts of lightening cracked and electrified Jo-Ann’s mind, as thunder rumbled and exploded throughout our body. The pain and the ecstasy of being alive transcended our spirit. There was no doubt, powerful forces were at work within, as we continued our journey.

Time went by, and we got on with Jo-Ann’s life. She made friends who also have stomas. Jo-Ann and I have become familiar with one another, and together we’ve enjoyed many adventures. We have attended weddings, we’ve welcomed grand babies, and, as we strive to embrace life, we are slowly and surely learning how to appreciate each other.

It is not always easy. Sometimes we move to the dance of our lives together, and sometimes we are opposed to each other. We are constantly designing our partnership for life.

Over time, Jo-Ann has regained her confidence as she encircles me with my ostomy flange. She lovingly surrounds me with a protective pouch. I feel like it’s all a great big bear hug!

I, Percy Stoma will brrt,

and pfft,

and flurppppp,

and thwerrpppp.

(Just so everyone knows something is happening down there.)

And, as every good story ends with, and they lived happily every after, when you get a determined ostomate with a fire in her belly and a clever Percy Stoma, they get together and they live happily ever after.

The End


Percy Stoma, Eol. Poopology (Experience Of Life)

“Better With A Bag Than In A Bag”

6 comments on “Jo-Ann & Her Bear Hugs

  1. Norma says:

    Very nice. You sure are an excellent writer and are able to put forth your thoughts in a way that educates, yet entertains. Norma 🙂

  2. Sallie says:

    Oh my! What a story! I have always found hope reading your stories which are very educative too. God bless you. Sally.

  3. Wilma says:

    Wonderful story Jo-Ann, you write it exactly as it is. Your stories certainly help others going through this journey with you. Thank you Jo-Ann. Wilma.

  4. Geraldine Howell says:

    Thank you Jo-Ann for another great story. Really look forward to every one. Geraldine 😃👍 xx

  5. Linda Rahim says:

    Great story and I loved your description of the noises Percy makes. My Winnie is exactly the same and it can happen at the most unfortunate times – lol !! Thanks for making me smile Jo-Ann !!

  6. Sherman says:

    Hi Jo-anne, I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed the story and shared it on one of my other blogs.

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