Happy Stomaversary to us! But for the intervention of our wonderful Canadian medical Version 2system I would not “Die Hard” – yippee ki yay. It’s our 6th year together. Percy Stoma you’re my awesome ostomy. I fought the good fight through the illness that brought me to the brink, then during the life saving surgery you were created. Together we’ve continued to battle, cope, and thrive.

We’re lifetime partners you and I, and we will continue to work hard to make life as fantastic as possible in spite of it all, as we live life to the fullest.



Jo-Ann L. Tremblay – Ostomate

Percy Stoma

“Everyone you meet has a story to tell”



8 comments on “YIPPEE KI YAY

  1. C.J. Papoutsis says:

    Good health to you both and many many more years together!

  2. Norma Lachaine says:

    Talk about a “rebirth”!

  3. franbarresi says:

    Long Life and God Bless both of you!

  4. cathyastolfo says:

    Thanking the Universe and Percy that those who love you – including me – have the delight and strength and inspiration and warmth of YOU still in our lives.

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