Sitting By The Outhouse

I’m sitting by the portable toilet looking over the lagoon, contemplating my life. IMG_4579The year is almost at an end. A new year will begin in just a month and a bit.

Picture a blue outhouse on a blue southern lagoon, silent and peaceful aside from the calls of the Osprey. I am sitting by the outdoor privy entertaining myself with metaphorical thoughts. The commode is a place where people “unload” sh*t. The lagoon is the place where people “unload” their sh*tty thoughts and emotions.

The outdoor latrine is not connected to plumbing, sewer or septic systems, and is placed at a reasonable yet accessible distance from the house. Well, any ostomate knows about internal plumbing disconnect with a stoma placed at a reasonable yet accessible distance from the back door, so to speak.

Turning my busy metaphorical thoughts from the inspiration of the crapper to the magic of the lagoon, and the “knee deep and sinking fast” feelings of the cancer scare I experienced this past summer, my mind moves through to the hope and promise of a smoother tomorrow and beyond.

Hmm… Does luck have any influence on us and our lives? Some people think bird poop on your home, car, or on you is a welcome sign of good luck. A good luck superstition that originates in the UK involves saying, “Rabbit” right after you wake up on the first day of the month. The ritual will supposedly give you good luck for the rest of the month.

Some folks believe that certain gem stones influence luck and fortune. Others believe the position of the planets effect daily lives and influence luck. All of these beliefs are steeped in ancient tradition.

Can we attract luck to ourselves? We can always try to stay positive, endeavouring to find the silver lining… and have a sense of humour. A positive affirmation could also help, it only takes a few seconds and can set the stage for the day.

Well in fact, life is full of surprises. Our lives are made up of a series of events…good and bad. Tomorrow and beyond is really about taking the good with the bad. The promise is, it doesn’t come any other way anyway. As a friend recently shared with me, the hope is in the understanding that sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together. As I sit by the outhouse beside the blue lagoon, I’m taking the good with the bad as I anticipate that the next set of surprises will be the promise and the hope of good luck and good things to come.

Authored by:

Jo-Ann L. Tremblay

Everyone you meet has a story to tell.”

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5 comments on “Sitting By The Outhouse

  1. C.J. Papoutsis says:

    Interesting how philosophical thoughts come to us in the strangest places. Hope you are feeling well. Love your blogs. Carolanne

  2. franbarresi says:

    I agree that some of it is meant to inspire us to help others written in your DNA some just unlucky some lucky. Yes choosing how you live with it is a big part of Sh .t happens. Lol

  3. Jo-Ann says:

    Oh yes Carolanne, strange places, strange moments in life happen. Wishing you the best of luck in all of your endeavours. Have a great day.

  4. Jo-Ann says:

    Yes Fran you’re right, lucky or unlucky, the magic is in choosing how we live with the good and the not so good. Have a great day.

  5. Diane says:

    Interesting. Love the picture

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