BAGs Around the World

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Ostomate Jo-Ann L. Trembly and her spirited stoma Percy, are once again the intrepid adventurers drawn into the incredible journey of 2nd chances at life in, BAGs Around The World.

Step into a journey through experience and transcend the normal limits of everyday life through the true life escapades of an ostomate and her stoma. Join authors Jo-Ann L. Tremblay and Percy Stoma as they explore, muse, and ponder the life of ostomates and non-ostomates, in our challenging life experiences as humans on planet Earth.

Through THE OSTOMY FACTOR blogs, this book features blog posts beginning in the month and year of November, 2012, and continue through 2015. The collection offers solace, inspiration, and joy as they ignite our human spirit. Join Jo-Ann and Percy as they share their sometimes humorous, sometimes tragic and always adventurous, real life stories through thoughts and words that readers find valuable in their daily lives for a chuckle, a tear, and for inspired contemplation.